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UVEE HighVac

Patent Holder

High Vac is an air sanitization system, derived from the term HVAC which means heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning.





Key Result Area


Concept Design


Test Setups

Product & Manufactruing Design



Manufacturing JIGs

Air supplied from the centralized air delivery unit, passes through a patented technology that provides safe circulating and fresh air, providing up to 95-99% free of microbes.

This product is one of kind and is specifically designed for low manufacturing costs.

HighVac provides zero air and light leakage which was achieved by isolating the device into two parts with just one construction.

The sterilization segment is inserted into the duct is completely shut off from the electronics segment which was achieved by designing a small plastic component to harness the tube diving the unit into 2 segments.

During the design process, one of the major focuses was on providing installations and service-friendly experiences.

Adding a foam gasket at its mounting side was a great design add-on, ensuring zero light or air leakage.

This is the one of its kind, simple yet powerful design, low-cost manufacturing, easy installation, easy mass production, & high-efficiency product.

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