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Stable Series 3




Stereo Monitors 

Key Result Area

Concept Design


Product & manufacturing Design

Stable Series 3 was designed for High precision audio experience which was achieved by using high responsive drivers. 

Speakers were split into two sections, one using 3inch drivers with active highs and higher mids response and the other 4.5inch drivers with higher mids, mids, and lower mids response.

It's a compact design with a superior bass punch and crystal clear audio.

A classic book shelf design Stereo Speakers made primarily for a user who craves a high precision audio output.

Designed for more than just a pleasant listening experience, the product comes with an iconic proven design giving a studio-like experience.

The Acoustic Room was designed with curved edges giving uniform distribution of sound.

the amplifier and controls are mounted at the bottom of the product to have ease and control and hassle-free wiring.

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