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Patented Technology

FlowPro is an intensively designed and extensively engineered water sterilizer whose concept is based on Total Internal Reflection Theory.





Key Result Area



Concept Design & Testing

Product Design

Design for Manufacturing



Using UV LEDs to sterilize the water, achieves a staggering 99.999% sterilization rate in 1.2-1.8 seconds of exposed time for a flow rate of 2 Litre per min.

While designing this piece of extremely precise engineering, I had to keep in mind the light intensities as the light moves away from the point source.

I also had to make sure of using the UV light energy by picking the right material for maximum reflection of the UV rays eventually providing high efficiency with minimal power consumption.

The manufacturing version was split into parts to ensure maintaining high efficiency and low-cost production for the consumer and the OEM market.

The critical components like the UV LED and the Stainless Steel tubes were harnessed by plastic components to cut costs and increase manufacturing productivity, by eliminating complex construction by using simple insertion modules.

The high power LED's are constantly cooled using the same running water from the streilization. 

By the design of this component needs no cooling mechanisms (such as external heat sinks & cooling fans)

This is an upgrade that was designed to work up to 33L/min flowrate,

which was directly installed in the sump.

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