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Wall-E is a revolutionary yet simple-looking Air Disinfection unit with an Aroma Diffuser in-built.




Consumer Market

Key Result Area


Concept Design

Design for Manufacturing

Mainly Developed for the direct customer, its main applications are in living spaces, public zones, waiting lounges & restrooms.

These are usually highly contaminated areas where the number of free-floating microbes is really high.

Wall-E design principle is based on UV disinfection technology which covers up to 250-300sqft proving to be highly efficient.

This is not only sanitized air in real-time but also gives out the fresh aroma of the consumer's choice.

The product has a refill notification mechanism for the fragrance levels. As a design add-on, the fragrance tank is projected out of the unit, where a consumer can physically see 10% of the tank flushed out.

Since Wall-E's main is to provide for everyday household usage, It comes in two seamless and aesthetic versions to create a variety  of choice for the consumer.

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