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Solar Racking Solutions - Patent Holder 

World Class PV Mounting and Solar Solutions.

America's Leading Racking Manufacturer. 


2022 - Present


Consumer Market(USA)

Key Result Area


Concept Design

Design for Manufacturing

Functional Testing 

Strength Evaluation

SFM INFINITY Butyl ATT & The Next-Gen Tile Replacement ATT are Unirac's Flagship product which is integrated with the latest Butyl pad for waterproofing. 

Both the attachments were integrated to go on both Rafter Conncetions and Deck Conncetions. 

These are precisely engineered Aluminum extrusions to withstand the toughest weather conditions and with a guaranteed lifespan of 25 years, making them the ideal choice for rooftop installations of uncompromising quality.

SFM DTD Butyl is the latest roof attachment for rail-less solar racking system from Unirac. Through application of self-drilling screws and butyl sealant to directly fasten panels to the roof deck, the system streamlines installation by over 30% compared to traditional flashing methods.

Next-Gen Tile Replacement Attachment was designed to work for all the most commonly used Tiles on the North American Roofs. A simple plastic  mechanism designed within the assembly which would slide into position which would allow the product to be adjusted on site to work for the respecively tile configartions. 

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