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Beamer Mini

This is an air and surface sanitization device which when kept on a table top or on a bed, sanitizes a region of 100sqft in about 5 mins.




Cosumer Market

Key Result Area


Concept Design

Product Design

Design for Manufacturing

The product has been designed with 3 motion sensors with a range of 25ft seeing anything that comes within that range.

When a movement is detected, these sensors direct the device to automatically shut down the process of sanitization, making this product extremely safe to use.

During the design process, my focus was on keeping this product consumer-friendly and exceeding safety standards.

The device also consists of a high-powered sever fan, mounted at the bottom of the device adding value to the product in two ways.

1. Moving them around the tubes would keep the tubes from getting too hot acting as an indigenous cooling system.

2. The ability to circulate the stationary air in the room aiding in faster air sanitization.

The product was focused more on the consumer market directed towards residential and office spaces and was designed in two different aesthetic models.

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