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Vaayu Pavana

A powerful air quality enhancer.




Health & Hygine

Key Result Area



Concept Design


Design for Manufacturing

Vaayu Pavana is an air sterilizer and an odor remover, with a futuristic compact design.

This product will be mounted on the wall (A typical fit and forget kind of device). Which consists of a UVC disinfection chamber and an odor treatment chamber.

This product is coupled with a high-power blower fan which makes the air quality enhancement process faster.

This product has zero UV light leakage and gives out fresh, microbes-free, and fresh smelling air in real-time.

The aesthetic design add-on to this product is the way the branding was done. The same UV light which was used in the disinfection chamber is projected out through a frosted acrylic sheet and the light will be directed out by a cut out on the top cabinet in the shape of the company logo.

The frosted acrylic sheet would block all the harmful characteristics from the UV and only the glow from the light will be visible on the outside which is completely harmless.

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