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Vaayu One




Consumer Market

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Concept Design

Design for Manufacturing


Vaayu One is one of the most sophisticated engineering devices built on a very simple principle.

It takes in harmful contaminated air, giving you a real sense of pure fresh air.

Using UVC technology, this product completely sterilizes the air coming from it and gives you a breathtaking experience.

The output? 98.5% particle-free & 100% microbes free air.

A one of a kind design, the unit is built to suck in the polluted air from the center and blow out the fresh and pure air from the bottom and top.

This is one of the first air purifiers which can be mounted on the wall occupying additional living space for itself.

designed for the institutional, industrial, and consumer markets, the key reasons to buy were low manufacturing cost, high production efficiency, and great aesthetics.

Unlike the conventional air purifiers having one centrifugal fan, Vaayu has been designed with 4 axial fans to increase the CFM rate and have low noise which meets the industrial grade and consumer market standards.

The most challenging part during the design process was to attain zero UV light leakage from the UV disinfection chamber.

Vaayu One is designed for a cabin of size 150-200sqft providing real time air particle reduction keeping closed spaces free from freely moving, air-bound particle and microbes.

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